Mission Statement
At Inigmas Studios, we are passionately striving to produce quality 3d asset packages for game development teams. These packages, which include environment props, characters, weapons, and more, are designed to work with "Unity", "Unreal Editor 4", and general use engines! We ourselves are gamers at heart and show that in our art direction, often showing flare in a thick-to-thin presentation. We specialize in a fantasy lighthearted, yet vibrant hand-painted style, essentially bringing our art to life!
We thank you for your visit and hope you enjoy our art!
Past Work
Some of our favorite pieces!
This stytlistic cow was imagined by mixing features of both a Scottish Highland Cow and a Yak. The beard makes it!
A fully animated poison distillery prop for "Doctor Smash", an upcoming WIP game by Aknght Studios.
A stylistic tree for a client; while SketchFab doesn't show it, it's leaves are animated in Unite via a shader!
See the promotional video here.
This model, dubbed "Tree of the Awakening Day", because of the Nordic rune at it's base which literally translates to "Day" or "Awakening". Made for "A Dragon's Tale", a VR game in development by Spillage Games, it's suppose to give the dragon you play as abilities to further progression through the story. 
Not for any specific client, this "Chainsaw Dagger" was something we wanted to do for fun. It's complety animated as well!
A fully animated factory themed door that comes with two animations and two idle frames: Closed, Opening, Opened, and Closing. We really liked the idea of having an interactable "hand scanner", so that part comes with three textures: Idle (blue), Access Granted (Green), Access Denied (Red).

You can see how David, a musician and past work buddy of ours, created the SFX for this door's animations here !